Attendance Management referrals provide health related advice to managers to allow them to support an employee’s attendance or assist them to return to work following an absence.  A Company policy should be in place. The process involves completion of a referral form detailing the reason for referral and any questions they require a response to. A description of the employee’s role is also required. A 60 minute appointment includes a 30 minute consultation with the employee and 30 minutes allocated for provision of the report.

Reports will include but will not necessarily be limited to: -

  • Any health problem identified
  • The impact of any identified health problem on fitness to attend work/carry out their duties.
  • Their fitness to work at that time or an indication if possible of the duration of any absence/reduced capability
  • Advice on any adjustments required
  • Whether any limitations are expected to be temporary or long-term
  • Advice on whether the Equality Act provisions are likely to apply
  • A response to any specific questions also asked on the referral form

Double appointments can be requested for complex cases. Managers will also have the option to discuss cases with the OH Practitioner. Reports from relevant specialist/GP will be obtained as clinically required to allow OH to advise management appropriately.